A Note of Apology!

 I know it’s over a year since I wrote something here. I have been busy with a major life changing project which took up and still takes almost all my energy and time.Yeah..that thing called motherhood!Last year when I was writing the last blog post ,little did I realize that I would have to take a very long break like this ,that too abruptly.Because it was a brand new role for me and it didn’t come with a very clear job description or a well defined R&R…(You know that I am an HR nerd ;))Everything I have been doing so far ,has been learnt on the job and without any prior training.There has been hits and misses.But it has been an amazing journey with my little man of which I am really proud of.

But I owe you an apology big time.To leave this space just like that without any notice. It was almost like I abandoned it.It’s not that I didn’t have things to write about or wasn’t interested in writing.If only I could actually write down all those contents and ideas that I wrote mentally in the last year…Some days some thought would strike my mind while doing a chore or randomly surfing internet or in between everyday discussions at home and I start writing a post mentality thinking that I would write it down in the evening or night when I get some me time.Honestly,in my case it never happened. I know that there are a lot of superwomen out there who manage multiple stuff simultaneously. I could do those things too before;but not with this new job.And now that my baby is 1 year old, I am slowly trying to get back to writing and nurture this baby of mine.

I know such blogging statistics that 95% bloggers quit after the first 3 months or so.At one point, I was really scared if The Ardent HR would also just add to those numbers.But no..This is here to stay and grow and have conversations with you as and when I can.And I promise you that I would strive towards making that ‘as and when I can’ to regularly .Thank you so much for being with me!


The Ardent HR


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