Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and I’m really honored by your visit. I’m Krishnapriya Nair, the face behind The Ardent HR – A very passionate and thorough HR professional with extensive experience in various fields of HR including Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits, Reward Operations, Talent Development, Recruitment and HR consulting. I started my career as a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, the largest IT consulting firm of India and then was accidently drawn to HR when an opportunity came my way. But that was a life changing decision for me as I found my true passion in HR. It’s said that if you find a job that you love, you will never have to work in your life. I’m a true testimony of that.

HR as a business function is at a very crucial juncture at this point of time. No other function in business has constantly faced heated debates on its very existence and importance to business. People, in general, have the notion that organizations can function without HR and it is just an additional cost. When I moved to HR,I had to answer a lot of questions from my colleagues and friends on why was I moving from a glamorous IT job to “HR”; was it because that I did not want to work and just have fun at office! Even now, there are people who look down upon me when I say I’m in HR. I’m sure many of you can resonate with these feelings. But I’m a firm believer that HR is of strategic value to business as much as any other function or even more than that. I consider it as the most complex function in business-Yes, We are dealing with real People and Business is People!! Can any software, tool, calculation, machine, process, system or anything be more complex and uncertain than a real human being!!

This blog is a platform to discuss anything and everything related to HR and ignite a spark of thought in you and me, thoughts that lead to actions which can help organizations get better, through and with its people. When I say HR, it means the real strategic HR functions that add value to business and not the routine administrative tasks or the typical fun activities as people perceive it. I acknowledge the fact that these may be part of the job as an HR, but clinging on to that alone can do no good for us or to the profession. Having worked on both sides of the fence (as HR and a Software engineer) has helped me understand what a normal employee or line manager thinks of HR as well as their expectations from us. The onus of transforming and bringing HR under spotlight for real good reasons lies on each person working in HR and hope our discussions can help in one way or other. And any discussion will not be complete if it is just one-sided. So please do let me know your opinions and comments.

To tell you a bit more about me, I’m from India currently settled in Minneapolis, US. As already mentioned, I started my career with Tata Consultancy Services LTD., and then joined HCL Technologies LTD., India. Also had a short stint at Indian Oil Corporation LTD.I completed my Master of Human Resource Management from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (the alma matter of the likes of Sundar Pichai (CEO,Google), Arun Sain (Ex CEO Vodafone),Vinod Gupta(Founder of Infogroup),Mani Bhaumik (Inventor of LASIK),Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi Chief Minister and founder of Aam Admi Party,India) -to name a few of them) with the Institute Medal and Sri Jagarnath Singh Memorial Endowment Award for the Best Student Scoring the Highest CGPA. I have also earned my PHR certification issued by the HR Certification Institute and am an active member of Twin Cities HR Association and Minnesota Organizational Development Network. Apart from HR, I’m also a trained Indian Classical Dancer and a Koodiyattom performer.(Koodiyattom is a 2000 year old form of Sanskrit Theatre, recognized by  UNESCO as the intangible heritage of mankind) and have performed in numerous stages across India. I also care about women’s rights and am a part of the Lean In circle at Minneapolis.

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Hoping for a wonderful journey with you!


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