3 simple steps to unsaddle your Creativity!!

Today let’s talk about creativity. Are you one of those who doubt your creativity? Or do you think that this thing called creativity is blessed upon only the chosen ones? Are you sometimes worried that your lack of creativity is standing in your way to success in your career? Well, I used to think so till sometime back. I always had this notion that creativity is not my thing and used to envy those creative people. But that was at a time when I could survive in my job without being so creative. When you are just starting your career, you would have all those jitters and stage frights and would tend to follow the instructions from your manager or your work would mainly include the execution part of the ideas that are formulated by your boss. But how long can you continue like that, especially when you are smart and really keen on taking your career forward. There may come a point in your life, where you have no choice left but to be creative to march forward. What to do then??

Now take a moment and think to yourself, is it that you are not really creative where you have tried being one and failed or is it that you think you are not and never ventured into that!!I’m sure most of us would fall into the latter category. Isn’t it? So that is exactly the catch point. You have already crossed the first hurdle. I would love to share with you three simple steps that worked out well for me!

3 extremely simple steps towards creativity:

  1. Throw out your self-doubts: Anyone can be creative and yes YOU too!!Definitely there are a few of them who are born with that extra dash of imagination and originality. But that does not mean that it is so exclusive and others cannot. Like many other skills, this can be acquired too, to a fairly good level with a little effort. So first throw out all those self-doubts in you that you cannot. Most of us don’t win the race because we never take part in it for the fear of losing.
  2. Learn, Learn & Learn: This is the most important step. Learn whatever you can in your chosen field. Read as many books and articles as you can, engage in conversations with others in your field, use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to follow the czars in your industry, keep abreast with all new happenings, keep your eyes and ears wide open. This should not be a mere gathering of information, but you should be able to assimilate all the information with a curious mind, asking as many questions possible. As per the research conducted by innovators.com, there are 5 skills that the most creative executives have; associating, questioning, observing, experimenting, and networking. Make this a habit, give it some time and very soon you would start finding links between ideas, or the gaps between them or in fact brand new ideas itself from all the questions you ask and think. And, there you are! As Steve Jobs rightly said, “Creativity is just connecting things”.
  3. Express your ideas: Again, your guts and confidence come into play here. It’s not all to come up with ideas. You need to express them or share them with others. If you are hesitant to do so, the idea would soon die or someone else would come up with the same idea and you would be at loss. It sure needs a lot of courage sometimes to open up our ideas with someone else. But you just need to remember that, you are not throwing a random shot, you have done your homework. Your idea is a product of a well-defined thought process enabled by all the knowledge you gathered. Also, all ideas may not be that great. As they say wisely, a failed idea is just a way to learn about something that won’t work.

As you can see these are three simple and straight forward steps that can help you tap those creative vibes in you. This is something from my own experience and I’m sure it will work for you too. Also, you may check out this interesting video by Steven Johnson on Where Good Ideas Come From.

Do you have other ideas on how to improve the creativity? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

Good Luck!


The Ardent HR


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