How to use data to drive your Employee Engagement Strategy

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers!I know it’s already February.But as they say,better late than never.The first month of the New Year has been so hectic for me with lots of travels and many other unforeseen appointments.So this post is from the other side of the globe ,yeah I am in India,right now.

There is one news that I would love to share with you.I ended 2017 with a collaboration with ProSky, one of the leading┬áJob Training and Job Recruiting platforms.They provide a very innovative platform for candidate evaluations that helps in unbiased hiring and employee development thereafter.Check out their website here for all the information.And hey,this isn’t a sponsored post.

I was lucky to contribute to their blog Talking Talent and that too a topic that’s very exciting and relevant -Data Driven strategies for improving Employee Engagement.Do check it out if employee engagement is still a big challenge for you and all your efforts to improve it are not yielding any substantial results.The problem may be that you are not spending time and money on the right thing, for the right people at the right time.And the solution lies in Data! Read more here on the Prosky website and do let me know your thoughts.


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