HR-Add value to be valued!!

Yes ,you heard it right.One of the most common complaints almost all HR professionals have is that they are not valued and respected in their organizations.The line managers and the employees perceive HR as a group of people who are laid back and have no special work to do.They just come up when work is at peak and organize some fun at work activities which are apparently enjoyed only by them and leave,making you stay back at office for the time wasted at the “fun”.When asked about any specific policy related questions, they answer back by saying a “We will get back to you soon”  and would never ‘get back to you’ unless you follow-up a zillion times.For line managers,HRs just add up additional excel sheets and paper works and force them to follow some stringent processes and deadlines which they think is of no use.

Having worked in various fields of HR,I know HR is much more than these or rather we can be much more than these.HR is a function that can actually have a huge impact on the day-to-day life of employees in any organzation.Now the question is how do we do that.The key point is that people will accept your worth if and only if you do something that add value to them;be it anyone.Do things which are meaningful and is of priority for the people whom you are catering to.Priority is a crucial aspect as what is important for you may not be important for the other party at that point in time and again you would remain as someone who wastes their time.

The first thing to do is to understand your position as HR in the organization and think from a wider angle how it can affect the goals of your organization.For that you have to understand the business goal of your organization and the challenges posed by the industry in which it operates.Many a times,HR professionals tend to concentrate only on their roles that they discard the business justifications of their existence.Even the entry-level roles can have huge impact on small things which may add up to the bottom line.To win the trust of both the parties,HR should be a champion at addressing employee concerns and a partner to the business.I know that the term partner to business has become a cliché now and has lost its charm.But still it is one of the most important facet of being an efficient HR.Be Proactive and Analytic,especially when you are in a management facing role.Plan and deliver programs that would help them achieve their strategic objectives.In case you are in an employee facing role,be so thorough with the area of your work and all the organizational policies related to that.Each minute of the employee time devoted for HR activities should end up being productive.We should be empathetic about the concerns of the employees ,but at the same time remember to think from an organizational perspective.Be responsive to people and walk your talks.Sometimes with the busy schedules, it can be tricky to respond to all the emails and phone calls you receive,but it is a must to do at the earliest you can.Otherwise you are losing a chance to win the trust of the people.Find out ways to measure the effectiveness of your work.That will help your professional development and can boost your confidence too.

I would like to share one of my experiences here where I literally had to struggle for people to accept me in my new role.When I joined as the competency development lead of a big account in one of my previous companies,the situation there was all messed up.Both the account management and the employees did not want a competency development person as their experience with my predecessor  was not that good or I may rather say that they did not even know that such a person ever existed..ugh!!The first thing I did was to find a seat in the same floor as my account and started meeting as many people as I could.Initially management hesitated to meet me as they really thought nothing productive would come out of such meetings.But my perseverance paid off and slowly they started giving me time.Once you get the time, you should make the most of it, as unless the first meeting is fruitful, a chance of another meeting dies off then and there.The first conversations were mainly centred around one question-what was there which I could do for them.I tried to understand the project plans for the next 6-8 months and analysed the competency level required to achieve them and proactively developed systematic plans for closing the gaps.That resulted in a win win situation for both the management and the employees. Within 3-4 months I could establish a good rapport with all the top management as well as the employees and there was no looking back.Soon management started involving me in the strategic meetings as competency was an important factor for achieving the strategic goals.This was indeed an achievement for me;they started valuing me and my contributions.

So my fellow HRs,stop lamenting that you are not respected in your organization.Add value to be valued.Build your own personal brand which would also be the image of the entire HR fraternity for your customers.

Good Luck.


The Ardent HR


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